Hoping I can get and give a little help.

As those close to us will know we’ve spent the past few months with a number of trips to Dublin to have our latest addition Jack and a few follow ups to make sure everything went ok. While we were in Dublin Jackie was in Holles St. Hospital and I spent a lot of my time walking around getting anything that was needed. In a time that was quite stressful, I think I became more sensitive to how others feel. Coming across people on the streets was something that I just wasn’t used to. It’s not something I really see being in Inver, Co. Donegal.  This brings me to what this post is all really about. During one of my walks in January I walked past a man selling books to pay for his hostel and live, to me this was something I thought I could help with, I happened to be in a rush at the time. When I walked past the following day he wasn’t set up in the same place so I never got a chance to talk to him at the time. On Thursday last week we had to take Jack to two appointments in Dublin walking towards Holles St. Hospital we came across the same […]

Web Summit Visit

  It’s been a while since I updated the blog things have been really busy, here’s an update on how we got on at Web Summit. Our goals for Web Summit were to judge the reaction to our platform from the tech world and gain investment. On the run up to Web Summit a few articles out there that really scared us. After all for a Startups is was expensive to go to Web Summit. I worried that we may not have spent wisely. In a sentence Web Summit is what you make of it, make it great. We were to exhibit on the second day so day one was great for us to get a good feel for the place. The final day was to be a little more relaxed. The night before we attended the Web Summit Pub Crawl which was a little haphazard but a great way to break yourself into a conference like this. It was a great way to meet people other similar Alphas. It was a great relaxed start to what was a fantastic experience.           Day one. Ok getting to the meat of it. Our first morning of Web […]

We want to help you sell more

There has been a whole lot of “Back to the Future” over the Internet in the past few days. Marty McFly’s adventures really caught our imagination. I loved the movies when they first came out. Star Wars is also getting a new lease of life. We want to see Irish businesses do the same and get back to the future. Remember when the .com era came in and everyone spent lots of getting a website for thier business that didn’t do anything for them? You could never get it updated and within weeks it looked old and dated? We want to get you online and competing without the huge time and cost commitment. We aim to help you create online sales. Our target is to get each of our sellers 20% extra sales online. In Ireland alone €5.9 billion was spent online last year. €1.4 trillion worldwide. Can you afford to miss out?   Sign up as a seller on www.mall.ie Contact us if you’d like to know more email: cs@mall.ie


Going Loco for our new logo

Last week I posted about our new look website. A part of that new look was to redesign and simplify our logo. We haven’t been going long and we don’t have anyone designing our logos etc. It’s all done in house. If you need a little advice on creating your own logo read below. Check out how we’ve got to the logo we have today: Before I sat down to even create a logo we needed colours. I found this great infographic on Huffington Post. We decided on yellow, orange and green, they work perfect for what we do and just happen to be very “Donegal”.   V1 below – This version was designed before the website had been created. It’s changed quite a bit since then. V2 below – Another change was required. After a talk with my son Alex, he didn’t like the first version of the logo because of the cart, I decided to find out what other people thought. Even though I liked the logo, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world would see it my way. I talked to other people to find out what they thought and pretty quickly got to know that […]

Become a Seller

How can being a Seller on Mall Ireland benefit you? Need Help? We’ll train you and your staff to use our Marketplace. These sessions take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Normally completed 1 to 1. Once you’ve added your products. They will be marketed online and offline to help generate sales. Customer Payments are taken directly by us to save you any need for merchant accounts and then distributed to you once goods have been delivered. Orders come to you via email. All you need to do is package the item. Print and attach the shipping label. (Shipping costs are paid by the customer). Wait until Mall Ireland send the courier or member of staff to collect the item. What does it cost to join Mall Ireland as a seller? Mall Ireland is completely FREE to join. We do charge a commission of 9% on each product sold, this commission also includes payment processing fee. Want to get going? Create an account Once in your account page select the “Click Here for Seller Request” A member of our team will contact you within one working day.

A New Look

We’ve been surprised by how far we have come in such a short period of time. www.mall.ie is now approaching over 160,000 visits since launch. That has given our sellers an opportunity to showcase their products to the equivalent of the entire population of Donegal (at least according to the 2011 census). We’ve grown over the past month doubling the number of sellers and increasing the number of products available t0 nearly 3,000 and in total around €2.5 million in retail value. Our site has been live and building but it has also been in early stages of development from at least the visual point of view. Yesterday we completed the new look for www.mall.ie. Q1 of 2015 seen a huge 53% increase in online spending compared with the same period in Q1 2014 lets work on Mall Ireland providing that rise in trade to our local businesses.  


Bringing you up to Speed

Hughes Performance Technology Ltd was founded by Jackie (my lovely wife) and I (Peter Hughes) with great support from family and friends. Under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Coyle who spent his career working for major chemical companies as VP. We live in Inver, Co. Donegal, Ireland with our 3 kids (pictured above). Just in case someone comments no we didn’t take the sofa to the Britannia Stadium to watch football. However we are big supporters of Stoke City F.C. and go there to watch games when we can. I have worked in IT most of my career. I started helping out a local businessman building computers in his garage for his customers (I was aged around 12/13). I later moved on to work for large multinationals. My wife Jackie studied Computer Science and has had experience in many other areas, with the true talent of getting the best out of others, and amazing at focusing and training others. Hughes Performance Technology Ltd was established in March 2015 to run Mall Ireland (www.mall.ie). Mall Ireland had already been in the development process at that point for nearly 6 months. The idea behind Mall Ireland came from an online article I read. You can check it out here. I know throughout the years there has been many warnings […]